A “do it yourself” drainage solution with STYLE!

Did you know that people without drainage problems often build Dry Creek Beds around their landscape just for  pure satisfactions of how attractive they are!  Dry creek beds are used to eliminate puddling in yards, but they also add class and style to the overall appearance of your landscape!

In as a little as 4 hours you can do it yourself with our help!

1. First you have to plan an outline of where the dry creek bed will take down the slope. Mark the two edges with landscaper’s paint.

2. You should probably start near a drainage pipe, where excess water is being placed on your land.

3. Begin grading your land right under the pipe down your chosen outline you marked with the landscapers paint.

4. Since your dry creek bed can be decorative, use your imagination and disguise your “headwaters” and have it appear to be coming from a bed of plants of your choice!

5. Now choosing  where to end your excess water can be tricky! This is where Vision Landscaping and Associates can help you. It is simple  to drain the excess water to the street. However, we will check with your public works department, since we are dealing with public property, to avoid any governmental problems. Then we will  supply you with  a drainage system that will put the final finishing touches on your hand crafted and self designed dry bed creek!

Sometimes its so EASY to do it yourself! Solving  drainage problems or even being proactive can be a cinch!


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