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Core aerating your lawn has HUGE benefits!

So, let Vision-Landscaping & Associates be your local landscaping company!  Core aerate your lawn Athens GA so you can reap the benefits!

Here are your TOP 10 reasons why you should core aerate your lawn this Spring:

1. Stronger turf grass roots

2. Helps reduce weeds

3. Helps prevent run off and puddeling on your lawn ( which definitely comes in handy entering the this storm season of heavy rains)

4 .Improves air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere

5. Improves the thickness of turf and the over all health

6. Reduces water use ( Up to 25% in savings!)

7. Enhanced heat and drought stress  tolerance

8. Breaks down thatch ( Thatch is a layer of grass stems, roots, clippings, and debris that settle on the ground and either slowly decompose and/or accumulate over time)

9. Stimulates new root development

10.Reduces soil compaction

So what are  you waiting for? Vision Landscaping & Associates is a licensed landscape architect firm with over 23 years of experience. So lets work together and get your property looking its best this spring season! Lets us help make your lawn say ” Welcome Home!” too.

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Core Aerating your lawn has HUGE benefits

Reap the benefits of core aerating your lawn!

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