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There is nothing like walking out onto your back yard filled with family and friends! Of course after the winter weather we have been receiving here in the south ,we are looking forward to spring and summer FUN. So here are some pretty cool ideas for getting ready for the spring.

The backyard is normally our place of entertainment so lets really set it apart from the front yard in style and in budget!

1. Set an interest of colors and plant a flower bed along side the rear of the house. Choose the places that you desire to see color! Make sure that if the spot you choose is mostly shade, you choose a plant that is susceptible to survive in an area with little sunlight.

2. How about a bird bath? 3 reasons why you should have a bird bath! (1) Relaxation and Enjoyment (2) Attract birds and build habitat restoration (3) Low Maintenance- When it rains the bird bath will refill. Add a little of distilled white vinegar and that will kill any algae that tries to form. SIMPLE!

Here is an idea! How about you and I do it together! Piece by piece!  You and I will communicate back and forth on this blog. Let me know if you have some ideas for creating a nice environment for your backyard. I will coach you through and together we’ll make it happen! Now is the time to start planting to get those beautiful colors for the spring and summer months!

Do it yourself Gardening/planting

Planting your Vision!

My name is Sean and I am blogging everyday! So no comment will be missed. If you are interested, add a comment and let me know what your ideas are and when you are looking to start your project. We schedule together! I will take the first 5 people to comment and work on their projects first. For the rest of you that are interested, feel free to follow the blogs and try the same projects too!

The best part of all of this,  is that here at Vision if you need help with installations I can always send a representative to help you install the larger portions of your project! We are here to help you save money and still create a beautiful environment for you and your family to enjoy!  So contact me today!

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