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Sprinkler System Tips to Troubleshooting!

If you notice that your sprinkler system is not shutting off at the appropriate time, the problem can be as simple as an improperly set irrigation controller. If that is the case, simple enough every irrigation controller mechanical or digital has an off button. It will be labeled as rain off or just rain. If this fails to work for you, try cutting the water off at the main source area, which will be at the cut off box. You will need a screwdriver to lift the lid of the box. At this point you should be able to shut the system down.

At this time you should call us at Vision Landscaping & Associates! We will send out a skilled representative  to examine  your sprinkler system. We will be able to pin point the exact problem with your system and give you an estimate! Vision Landscaping & Associates have been repairing irrigation systems for over 25 years! Our company is driven by passion, knowledge and skill! We offer every client the opportunity to learn  more about their products and  become  handy to save money when small minor problems occur.

Vision Landscaping & Associates Sprinkler System Repair

Vision Landscaping Sprinkler Systems

Vision Landscaping & Associates is a company of expertise! We will  help you repair, install and winterize your sprinkler system! Visit us on our website at vision-landscaping.com and learn more about us and what we love to do!

Follow us on FACEBOOK and trail us on our journey as we  serve the entire peach state of Georgia! But as of right now, let us be your local sprinkler system repair company!

Call us today at 706-310-1243 and set up your free estimate today!

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