Vision Landscaping Services and Pricing

Vision Landscaping offers a wide range of services at affordable prices. Below are some of our most requested services pricing. If you need an estimate, have questions about a specific service, or would like additional information, please feel free to contact us and we will help you get the answers you need.

Lawn Maintenance Pricing

Starting at $20-$45 per visit. (Servicing Most Of Northeast Georgia – Not Available In All Locations)
Average Packages Include Fertilizing and Pruning ($130/Month)

Types Of Yearly Service
1) Weekly Mowing
2) Bi Weekly Mowing (Twice Per Month) – Bi Weekly service during summer growing season and monthly during winter growing season to include mowing, weeding, edging, blowing, weed whacking of hill and roundup.
3) Once A Month (Packages average $150 per month)
4) Quarterly (4 times per year) – includes pruning service (Package average $200 per visit)

Most Packages include Pruning all shrubs, Round Up, Weed Whacking, Edging, Blowing, and Mowing

One Time Full Clean-ups (Average $800)

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Landscape Design Services

Get A Quote On Design Costs. Typical services include:
1) 1 Hour of initial meeting
2) 1 hour base mapping
3) 4 hours of design
4) 1 hour presentation

Average Installation Costs – $5,000

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Tree Removal Service

Simple take down of 8″ Caliper – $385
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Irrigation Tech Pricing

Location: Within 15 miles of Athens
$75 per technician for first hour
$55 per technician for additional hours

Location: Outside of 15 miles of Athens
$85 per technician for first hour
$55 per technician for additional hours

Parts extra, as priced. Often, we can diagnose a problem within the first hour of being onsite, and fix the problem during the remaining hours that same day. We can also diagnose a problem and give you an estimate for the remaining work.

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Landscape Architectural Estimate


Landscape Architectural Design fees:
$75/hr for Landscape Designer
$95/hr for Landscape Architect

Our designers and architects work hand in hand in the design process to give you the most creative, efficient, and sensible design.  Call today to chat with our design team!

Your budget: It is always a good idea to have a budget in mind whenever we visit for a consultation. This way, we can give you a better idea of the scope of our services that fit with your budgetary parameters.

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