Commercial and Civic Landscape Design

Vision Landscaping offers planning and designing for commercial properties, like small business complexes to large-scale corporate parks. In doing so, we are able to utilize the latest techniques in developing public/private spaces for function, aesthetics and common sense planning. Landscape lighting, parking lot layout, green spaces, handicap access, and connecting roadways are only some of the elements incorporated into many of our commercial plans. Vision Landscaping can also provide services for full construction documentation and administration to help the client research their goal within the budget and constraints required. The process for commercial projects may include:

Site Analysis – Analyze of topography, slopes, soils, vegetation, drainage and natural resources and their affect on land planning and landscape design.

Master Planning – Comprehensive Site Planning including layout and materials, grading, drainage and earthwork, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, recreation facilities and other site amenities and construction cost estimating.

Landscape Design – Grading, paving, walls, fences, fountains, furniture, pools, spas, site lighting, irrigation design, decks and planting design for urban, commercial, institutional and residential and recreational projects.

Planting Design – Selection of plant material based on design intent, site conditions, resistance to pests and diseases, hardiness and availability.

Site Signage for Entrance Features – Preparation of complete site graphics and signage system.

Site Lighting Plans – Comprehensive layout and photometric plans for design criteria and regulatory approval.

Graphic Rendering – Detailed colored renderings of plans, sections, elevations and perspectives. Suitable for public hearings, presentations and marketing.

Construction Documents – Complete drawings and specifications package required for bidding and construction of a project.

Construction Administration – Inspections, evaluations, field reports and mediation between owner and contractor during the construction phase.

Whatever your vision, the team at Adapto EDG will create a landscape to suit your needs and your budget. You’ll be happy to hear that our landscape design charges are priced right!

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