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Products We Carry

Abelia Glossy3 Gal$16.00
Abelia Hopley's1 Gal$5.50
Abelia Kaleidoscope3 Gal$24.00
Abelia Little Richard1 Gal$8.00
Andromedas1 Gal$8.00
Andromedas3 Gal$22.00
Anise Forest Green3 Gal$7.50
Aucuba Gold Dust3 Gal$18.00
Aucuba Milky Way3 Gal$18.00
Aucuba Picturata3 Gal$18.00
Azalea Coral Bells3 Gal$15.00
Azalea Deleware Valley3 Gal$15.00
Azalea George Tabor3 Gal$15.00
Azalea Girard Rose3 Gal$15.00
Azalea Girard Michele Pink3 Gal$15.00
Azalea Hershey Red3 Gal$15.00
Azalea Hilda Niblett3 Gal$15.00
Azalea Mildred3 Gal$15.00
Azalea Poukhanense3 Gal$15.00
Barbeque Rosemary1 Gal$5.50
Barberry Aurea Nana3 Gal$20.00
Barberry Orange Rocket1 Gal$8.50
Barberry Orange Rocket3 Gal$20.00
Blue Pacific Shore Juniper3 Gal$11.50
Blue Rug Juniper3 Gal$11.50
Bordeaux Yaupon Holly3 Gal$11.50
Boxwood Dee Runk1 Gal$12.00
Boxwood Golden Dream3 Gal$22.00
Boxwood Green Velvet3 Gal$28.00
Boxwood Wintergreen3 Gal$16.00
Carissa Holly1 Gal$7.50
Carissa Holly3 Gal$11.50
Chinese Beautyberry7 Gal$65.00
Chinese Paperleaf3 Gal$18.00
Cotoneaster Mooncreeper3 Gal$18.00
Distylium Cinnamon Girl3 Gal$22.00
Distylium Coppertone3 Gal$22.00
Distylium Vintage Jade3 Gal$22.00
Distylium Vintage Jade7 Gal$45.00
Dwarf Burford Holly3 Gal$14.00
Foster Holly7 Gal$35.00
Gardenia Double Mint3 Gal$22.00
Gadrenia Frostproof3 Gal$18.00
Gardenia Heaven Scent3 Gal$18.00
Gardenia Kleim's Hardy1 Gal$6.00
Gardenia Kleim's Hardy3 Gal$18.00
Gardenia Miami3 Gal$11.50
Gardenia Radicans3 Gal$18.00
Gardenia Sweet Tea3 Gal$22.00
Gold Fernleaf Cypress3 Gal$17.00
Heavenly Bamboo Gulf Stream3 Gal$22.00
Hinoki False Cypress3 Gal$15.50
Holly China Girl1 Gal$7.50
Holly Emily Bruner3 Gal$18.00
Holly Helleri3 Gal$16.00
Holly Hoogendorn3 Gal$21.00
Holly Mary Nell1 Gal$7.50
Holly Nellie Stevens3 Gal$21.00
Holly Nellie Stevens15 Gal$65.00
Holly Soft Touch3 Gal$16.00
Holly Wirt Winn3 Gal$18.00
Hosta June1 Gal$5.50
Hummingbird Summersweet3 Gal$17.00
Illicium Florida Sunshine3 Gal$18.00
Illicium Parviflorum7 Gal$35.00
Japanese Plum Yew3 Gal$22.00
Japanese Spirea3 Gal$14.00
Korean Boxwood3 Gal$16.00
Ligustrum Sunshine3 Gal$23.00
Lilac Miss Kim3 Gal$16.00
Loropetalum Crimson Fire3 Gal$22.00
Loropetalum Daruma1 Gal$7.50
Loropetalum Daruma3 Gal$22.00
Loropetalum Purple Daydream1 Gal$9.50
Loropetalum Purple Daydream3 Gal$22.00
Loropetalum Ruby3 Gal$12.50
Loropetalum Zhuzhou3 Gal$12.50
Mahonia3 Gal$28.00
Marguerite3 Gal$18.00
Needlepoint Holly3 Gal$16.00
Novacleein Summersweet3 Gal$17.00
Oakleaf Hydrangea3 Gal$25.00
Osmanthus Fragrans1 Gal$7.50
Osmanthus Fragrans3 Gal$18.00
Osmanthus Fruitlandii3 Gal$18.00
Osmanthus Orange Blossom3 Gal$18.00
Parson's Juniper3 Gal$18.00
Paul's Gold Cypress3 Gal$22.00
Ruby Spice Summersweet3 Gal$17.00
Sixteen Candles Summersweet3 Gal$17.00
Sky Pencil Japanese Holly3 Gal$22.00
Speedwell First Love1 Gal$5.50
Sweetspire Love Child3 Gal$22.00
Vanhoutte Spirea3 Gal$15.00
Varigated Gardenia3 Gal$32.00
Viburnum Conoy3 Gal$15.00
Viburnum Moonlit Lace3 Gal$19.00
Viburnum Pragee3 Gal$18.00
Viburnum Reifler's Dwarf3 Gal$16.00
Viburnum Spring Bouquet3 Gal$15.50
Virginia Sweetspire3 Gal$16.50
Weeping Privet3 Gal$17.00
Yucca Spanish Dagger3 Gal$14.00
Adagio Grass1 Gal$5.50
Adagio Grass3 Gal$14.00
Carex EverGlow1 Gal$5.50
Corkscrew Rush1 Gal$5.50
Dense Blazing Star1 Gal$5.50
Dwarf Acorus Grass1 Gal$5.50
Dwarf Mondo1 Gal$5.50
Horsetail Grass1 Gal$5.50
Horsetail Grass3 Gal$14.00
Liriope Big Blue1 Gal$5.50
Maiden Grass Morning Light3 Gal$18.00
Miscanthus1 Gal$5.50
Miscanthus3 Gal$12.00
Muhly Grass1 Gal$5.50
Muhly Grass3 Gal$15.00
Narrowleaf Blue-Eyed Grass1 Gal$5.50
Northern Sea Oats1 Gal$5.50
Pampas Grass Silver Fountain3 Gal$14.00
Pampas Grass Sunningdale Silver3 Gal$14.00
Red Fountain Grass1 Gal$5.50
Zebra Grass1 Gal$5.50
Zebra Grass3 Gal$14.00
Anderson Spiderwort1 Gal$5.50
Black Eyed Susan1 Gal$5.50
Camellia Bobbie Fain7 Gal$55.00
Camellia Charles Sargent7 Gal$50.00
Camellia Fashionata7 Gal$55.00
Camellia Fran Homeyer7 Gal$55.00
Camellia Gee Homeyer7 Gal$55.00
Camellia Grace Albritton7 Gal$50.00
Camellia Kickoff7 Gal$50.00
Camellia Krammer's Supreme7 Gal$50.00
Camellia Lady Laura7 Gal$50.00
Camellia Mrs. Baldwinwood S.7 Gal$50.00
Camellia Nuccio's Cameo7 Gal$50.00
Camellia RL Wheeler7 Gal$55.00
Camellia Rose Dawn7 Gal$55.00
Camellia Royal Velvet7 Gal$55.00
Camellia Sea Foam7 Gal$55.00
Camellia Shishi Gashira7 Gal$55.00
Camellia Silver Waves7 Gal$55.00
Camellia Tudor Baby7 Gal$55.00
Camellia Yuletide7 Gal$55.00
Canna Bengal Tiger3 Gal$25.00
Canna Orange Beauty3 Gal$18.00
Canna Warscewiczii3 Gal$18.00
Cherokee Rose3 Gal$16.00
Cherokee Rose7 Gal$35.00
Day Lily Baronet's Badge1 Gal$5.50
Day Lily Chicago Star1 Gal$5.50
Day Lily Fulvous1 Gal$5.50
Day Lily Happy Returns1 Gal$5.50
Day Lily Holly Dancer1 Gal$5.50
Day Lily Lady Lucile1 Gal$5.50
Day Lily Rosy Scenario1 Gal$5.50
Day Lily Siloam Little Fairy1 Gal$5.50
Day Lily Spotted Fever1 Gal$5.50
Day Lily Stella De Oro1 Gal$5.50
Day Lily Wayside King Royale1 Gal$5.50
Day Lily Wild One1 Gal$5.50
Day Lily Yellow1 Gal$5.50
Dianthus Clove Pink1 Gal$5.50
Dianthus Firecracker1 Gal$5.50
Dianthus Ragged Pink1 Gal$5.50
Dianthus Sweet William1 Gal$5.50
Double Knockout Rose3 Gal$18.00
Echinacea Black Sampson1 Gal$5.50
Forsythia3 Gal$18.00
Gaura Graceful Pink1 Gal$5.50
Gaura Passionate Rainbow1 Gal$5.50
Gaura White1 Gal$5.50
Great Blanket Flower1 Gal$5.50
Hardy Swamplily3 Gal$14.00
Hydrangea Endless Summer3 Gal$14.00
Hydrangea Lady in Red3 Gal$25.00
Hydrangea Silver Dollar3 Gal$16.50
Hypernicum St. John's Wort3 Gal$16.00
Iris Bearded1 Gal$5.50
Iris Flag1 Gal$5.50
Iris Japanese1 Gal$5.50
Iris Siberian1 Gal$5.50
Lady Banks Rose3 Gal$16.00
Lantana Chapel Hill1 Gal$5.50
Lantana Chapel Hill3 Gal$15.00
Lantana Common3 Gal$14.00
Lantana Miss Huff3 Gal$15.00
Lantana New Gold1 Gal$5.50
Lantana New Gold3 Gal$15.00
L&B Blue Chip Butterfly Bush3 Gal$22.00
Mexican Petunia1 Gal$5.50
Mexican Petunia3 Gal$14.00
Mullein3 Gal$15.00
Parrot Lily1 Gal$5.50
Peruvian Lily1 Gal$5.50
Phlox Blue Emerald1 Gal$5.50
Phlox Candy Stripe1 Gal$5.50
Phlox Drummond's Pink1 Gal$5.50
Phlox Paparazzi Jagger1 Gal$5.50
Phlox Purple Beauty1 Gal$5.50
Phlox Red Wings1 Gal$5.50
Phlox Snowflake1 Gal$5.50
Pink Bengal Rose1 Gal$5.50
Poppy1 Gal$5.50
Rose Campion Lychnis1 Gal$8.00
Rose of Sharon1 Gal$5.50
Salvia New Demension Blue1 Gal$5.50
Sunkiss Coreopsis1 Gal$5.50
Asiatic Jasmine Var.1 Gal$5.50
Carolina Jasmine1 Gal$5.50
Carolina Jasmine3 Gal$14.00
Confederate Jasmine1 Gal$5.50
Confederate Jasmine3 Gal$14.00
Creeping Fig1 Gal$5.50
Creeping Fig Var.1 Gal$5.50
Blackberry Arapaho3 Gal$20.00
Blackberry Ouachita3 Gal$20.00
Blueberry Powder Blue7 Gal$35.00
Blueberry Premier7 Gal$35.00
Blueberry Tifblue7 Gal$35.00
Calamondin3 Gal$22.00
Calamondin7 Gal$45.00
Fig Celeste3 Gal$20.00
Fig Chicago Hardy3 Gal$20.00
Goji Berry3 Gal$24.00
Grape Nesbitt Muscadine 3 Gal$20.00
Grape Sunbelt3 Gal$22.00
Grape Triumph Muscadine3 Gal$22.00
Meyer Lemon3 Gal$22.00
Meyer Lemon7 Gal$45.00
Raspberry Fall Gold3 Gal$20.00
Raspberry Nova3 Gal$20.00
Arborvitae Linesville7 Gal$60.00
Arborvitae Emerald Green3 Gal$18.00
Bay Laurel3 Gal$18.00
Bottlebrush3 Gal$18.00
Bottlebrush7 Gal$35.00
Bottlebrush15 Gal$70.00
Carolina Sapphire7 Gal$40.00
Carolina Sapphire15 Gal$70.00
Crape Myrtle Coral Magic7 Gal$125.00
Crape Myrtle Dynamite3 Gal$22.00
Crape Myrtle Purple Cow3 Gal$22.00
Crape Myrtle Razzle Dazzle1 Gal$8.00
Crape Myrtle Razzle Dazzle3 Gal$22.00
Dwarf Japanese Cedar3 Gal$22.00
Ginko Dwarf Mariken15 Gal$340.00
Ginko Fastigiata15 Gal$340.00
Italian Cypress7 Gal$45.00
Japanese Maple Bloodgood30 Gal$250.00
Japanese Maple Crimson Queen15 Gal$280.00
Japanese Maple Inaba Shidare15 Gal$340.00
Japanese Maple Orangeola15 Gal$280.00
Japanese Maple Orangeola30 Gal$550.00
Japanese Maple Pink Balerina7 Gal$80.00
Japanese Maple Radiant7 Gal$120.00
Japanese Maple Radiant15 Gal$305.00
Japanese Maple Radiant30 Gal$590.00
Japanese Maple Red Dragon7 Gal$120.00
Japanese Maple Red Dragon15 Gal$305.00
Japanese Maple Red Dragon30 Gal$590.00
Magnolia Grandiflora15 Gal$80.00
Miniature Banana Tree15 Gal$50.00
Miniature Banana Tree30 Gal$85.00
Pond Cypress7 Gal$40.00
Tea Olive3 Gal$15.00
Vitex Shoals Creek7 Gal$45.00
Maidenhair Fern1 Gal$5.50
Maidenhair Fern3 Gal$15.00
Royal Fern1 Gal$5.50
Ajuga Chocolate Chip1 Gal$5.50
Cast Iron1 Gal$5.50
Cast Iron3 Gal$15.00
Elephant Ear Black Magic1 Gal$7.50
Elephant Ear Black Magic3 Gal$20.00
Japanese Pachysandra1 Gal$5.50
Japanese Sweet Flag 1 Gal$5.50
Solomon's Seal Var.2 Gal$8.00