Environmental Design & Environmental Landscaping

Vision Landscaping and Adapto EDG offers environmental design services to help you make the most of your property. Our landscape architects have extensive experience dealing with a wide range of environmental issues.

Site Grading and Drainage Plans – Getting the initial site grading prepared correctly is a critical part of site development. All future site work depends on accurate design, and fixing issues can become increasingly expensive after the fact. AdaptoEDG has extensive experience preparing grading and drainage plans to ensure proper drainage, maximize utilization of a site, and enhance circulation.

Wetlands Evaluation – Under the current State and Federal regulations, the presence of wetlands can pose significant difficulties for property owners. Wetlands can be indicated by the presence of certain plant species and adaptations, soil makeup and chemistry, and site geomorphology. AdaptoEDG can determine the extents of the wetland area, work with the US Army Corps of Engineers to obtain an official determination, and help develop remediation plans if required.

Project Permitting – No matter how good a design may be, without the proper project permits it may not become implemented. AdaptoEDG can help expedite the project permitting process to ensure that the project may start as planned. Our landscape architects have experience with a wide range of permitting issues including zoning actions, temporary use permits, site design approval, septic system permits, and building permits.

Site Analysis – Properties can have a wide range of characteristics that may hinder development, but also may have hidden opportunities. Documenting the full nature of the site at the start of the design process can allow the designer to make the most of existing conditions, and minimize expensive revisions as the construction plans are fully developed. AdaptoEDG can help develop a site analysis that is suited for both the property as well as the project.

Whatever your vision, the team at Adapto EDG will create a landscape to suit your needs and your budget. You’ll be happy to hear that our landscape design charges are priced right!

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